Automation, collaboration and the changing role of application management (Tech.Session) - Justin Pickup

Over the last few years the breadth of application management has developed from looking after a small application packaging portfolio to understanding the interconnections between applications, users, licenses, procurement, change control, rationalisation, testing, issue management and the impact they have on BAU and Project lifecycles. 

Many people have embraced the idea that application management  can no longer be managed on a spreadsheet and needs to be moved to a purpose built environment. The challenge is that its very difficult to develop and impose a one tool fits all solution covering so much scope within a fast moving organisation. 

With AppTracker, we've worked to find a common ground where we are can start to integrate with complementary technologies such as ChangeBASE, Centrix, Active Directory and SCCM  by using a comprehensive API and working out how these collaborations can work to meet the above objectives and still remain attractive from a business growth perspective.

The presentation will cover some of the changes we've made within AppTracker to embrace these other technologies and show how this change in strategy has lead to a much richer ability to automate and report on the application portfolio. There will be a demo with Ben Cook from ChangeBASE showing how it's possible to automate 20-30% of the packaging process and a look at how using a connector between AppTracker and  Centrix has lead to the ability to work out which applications need to be packaged first.

Far from being a sales presentation, this talk shows how through collaboration and automation we can work together to achieve common goals and still thrive independently as private business.

Speaker: Justin Pickup

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