Simplifying Windows Application Deployment with Setup Commander - Roel van Bueren

IT Pro’s spend a lot of time finding switches and settings for Windows applications and "plugging" these consistent into their favorite deployment tool like ConfigMgr 2012, Microsoft Deployment Toolkit, RES Automation Manager, Dell KACE  or any other.  After a long search "online" lots of parameters can be found, or is settled for best-effort. With ‘Setup Commander’ this timeconsuming and "fun" (not) job, is being automated, streamlined, consistent and made failsave. With the daily growing&maintained App Store, which covers the setuplinks to the most popular windows applications, sysadmins save an easy 90% in time and 100% win on consistent quality in getting applications deployed. Update after update, patch after patch.
Join CTO ‘Roel van Bueren’ from ROVABU Software BV in a technical deep-dive session how any technical oriented sysadmin can save their time and ease their deployment tomorrow..

Speaker: Roel van Bueren

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