RaySuite Appliance for SMB: Enterprise Application Lifecycle Management- Dave Bowser

Since years vendors are working on comprehensive and sophisticated systems to manage software in large enterprises, while small and medium companies (SMB) had to revert to isolated or self-made applications.
With RaySuite Appliance Raynet did address this issue and created a comprehensive solution with a set of tools designed to overcome duties in license management, software packaging, quality management and software deployment.
The solution comes ready to use in a package with a one-day installation workshop within the IT environment of the customer and can then be used instantly. All tools enjoy a unified user interface and a central, joint database.
RaySuite appliance can grow with customer requirements. Should e.g. the growth of customer business increase the IT administrator’s requirements, RaySuite Appliance can be enriched module by module with features and functions up to the complete range of RaySuite infinity, Raynet’s flagship solution.
Raynet also provides a ready-to-use appliance with the software: no expensive system requirements, no costly and time-consuming project implementation. The solution includes everything needed to run the software, allowing customers to use it as soon as it has been installed..

Speaker: Dave Bowser

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