Least Privilege rights on Windows desktops and servers will streamline your Windows 7/8 migration - Erwin Veenhoven

The goal of every OS migration lies in achieving the equilibrium between empowering users, adhering to compliance standards and minimising security risks. To achieve this utopia, many of the worlds’ leading organisations are adopting the principal of least privilege.

With least privilege, all users log on with standard rights and privileges are assigned directly to specific applications and tasks, striking the perfect balance between the demands of the user and the security and compliance needs of the business.

Join Erwin Veenhoven from PDS for a thought provoking session during which he’ll discuss:

  • The principal of least privilege and why it is forming a corner stone of OS migrations.
  • How privilege management can meet the needs of both desktop users and IT admins.
  • How least privilege now forms a critical part of defence-in-depth strategies for endpoint security, specifically against the “Digital Native”.
  • Understanding how compliance is helping to drive the adoption of least privilege.
  • Creating a best practice approach in the adoption of least privilege.

Using real life illustrations Ian will highlight how least privilege when employed with targeted privilege elevation can result in a productive user and a streamlined, successful packaged desktop.

Speaker: Erwin Veenhoven

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