How NOT to get hacked: Recommendations from an actual Ransomware attacker (who took home 4 million!) - Jeremy Moskowitz

You've got mail. Ransom mail. They've got your files, and now you're up the creek, in a big, big way.
Could you have DONE SOMETHING to prevent this attack? Yes? But what?

Well, on the way out the door, the Ransomware bad guys, after they took their 4 million dollars... gave some helpful tips to their victim.

In this talk and demonstration, Jeremy Moskowitz, Enterprise Mobility MVP and founder of and PolicyPak Software will un-pack the advice. Step. By. Step.
And look for clues in what the attackers suggested, likely open holes they got in to, and how you can close the doors... before you become the next attack.

  Jeremy Moskowitz   

Speaker: Jeremy Moskowitz

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