Sysinternals 25th BDay - Tips&Tricks Troubleshooting Windows - Sami Laiho

The title of this abstract is self-explaining but do "Procexp, Procmon, Sysmon, Autruns, ProcDump and PsTools" sound familiar to you? 
On October 14th 2021 Sami is/was one of the, hand-picked by Azure CTO Mark Russunovich, presenters at the 25th anniversary party of Sysinternals.

Join Sami in this presentation where he will share his experiences in working on, with, in-between and under these tools which, after 25 years in the IT industry, are still extreemly relevant in analyzing, troubleshooting, optimizing and understanding the Windows systems and applications,

  Sami Laiho   

Speaker: Sami Laiho

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