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Best Desktop Solutions B.V. (BDS) provides application packaging and virtualization solutions. BDS delivers a variety of services which are composed on customer demand. The senior consultants and specialists of BDS will deliver advice, assistance and coordination in MSI packaging, application virtualization, intake coordination, testing and application translation.

BDS also developed SparkleFlow. The concept is based on the extensive technical and managerial experience with application packaging processes and application lifecycle management. SparkleFlow is a flexible, scalable and single-point-of-entry workflow manager for application (package) management. It’s the only solution in the world which can provide a total solution by combining the best systems available without creating redundancy or system overlap. It enables organizations to efficiently manage their applications by integrating all related systems into one single interface. SparkleFlow is compatible with most existing (commonly used) tools and systems, such as Adminstudio, Wise, App-V, SWV, Thinapp, Xenapp, SCCM, Scense, LANdesk, Zenworks, Topdesk, RES software, Setup Commander and many more. It provides vital information about applications and packages during the process by connecting to central knowledge base. With the ability of the one single interface, SparkleFlow will bring transparency and efficiency to application management. This will lead to a substantial reduction of costs.

BDS is a company with passion for and extensive experience in the field of application packaging and virtualization solutions. The company is a no-nonsense organization, which enables personal contact between employees and customers. BDS is aware of the rapidly changing IT market, therefore ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking is integrated throughout their processes. But more important, listening well to their customers, employees and partners is the foundation for long-term cooperation’s and success.

Best Desktop Solutions B.V.

Contact: Mr. R. Vonk MBA
(Business Unit Manager)
T: +31 (0)499 47 37 00
F: +31 (0)499 47 35 58
M: +31 (0)651 88 83 23
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