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Professional Development Systems bv.

Founded in 1989, PDS is the leading Benelux tool distributor for packaging, virtualisation & appcompattools like Ray Suite (Raynet), AdminStudio Suite (Flexera Software) and Setup Commander representing the licensing and solutions from "our" vendors as an independent advisor to the regional market.

PDS teams work with endusers and partners to create a win-win-win for all parties involved resulting in great customer service, outstanding local support and successfull projects with the best possible solution to optimize the customer success. We do this with the products from Raynet, Avecto, Setup Commander and Flexera Software.

PDS is exclusive regional training partner for Flexera Software, Raynet and Madcap products. As co-architect of the globally recognized packaging certification program for Flexera Software and Raynet, professionals can be certified as Packaging Professional or Packaging Specialist in either AdminStudio or RayPack.

Next to servicing the IT admin space with above vendors, PDS distributes complementary software development tools for professional developers like ComponentOne, Syncfusion, MS MSDN, MadCap and LEADTOOLS.

PDS delivers it's tools & services directly to end-users in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg in combination with professional consulting, training and support. We have our own training facilities to supply our customers the knowledge they need to develop quality applications.

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